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Introducing the Quack Shack

Hours of Operation... We Promise!

Thursday through Sunday: 1pm - 7pm

Weekdays: 12pm - 7pm

*Monday through Wednesday hot food ends at 6pm


The Quack Shack - the Backstory

For as long as we can remember, the Manorlu snack bar was run by an independent contractor. Manorlu provided the facility and the vendor managed all other aspects of operations. Over the past several years, members have noticed a decline in the quality and reliability of the snack bar, resulting in fewer patrons, less sales, less profit and a vendor that stays for one season and doesn't return. This left us with the difficult and annual task of finding someone to operate the snack bar.


Toward the end of last season, in response to many of the shared concerns about the snack bar’s inconsistent hours and food offerings, several members came forward and volunteered to help make sure these concerns were addressed for the coming season. The group worked hard over the winter and the spring to tidy up the space, make repairs and upgrades, put together a menu, shop for supplies, work with the county to ensure the proper licensing, and come up with a name and a fun logo.


So Manorlu is trying something new this year and we are thrilled with the creativity, commitment and the fresh, new energy our members bring to this effort. It is with much gratitude that we thank Erin Stein, John Brenner, Kevin O’Neill, Lisa Burns, Jon Freeman, Mike Darcy and Bill Bole for their initiative, hard work and Manorlu spirit. We hope all our members will show their support and appreciation by patronizing the Quack Shack!

What to Expect from the Quack Shack:

The Staff

We are proud to share that the Quack Shack will not only be run by members, but it will be staffed by our own young Manorlu members!



Commitment to Operating Hours

One of the most frustrating aspects of our recent snack bar vendors was the lack of consistency in hours of operation. The Quack Shack is committed to our published hours. We now have a tall, easy-to-see “OPEN” flag that will let you know that The Quack Shack is ready for you to visit.



Our Daily Menu

The menu this season will include some usual pool staples like french fries, nachos, hotdogs, candy, chips, and soft pretzels delivered daily. A new pizza oven will allow us to make delicious personal pizzas, too. We’ve also signed on with Good Humor to supply us with ice cream novelties, and we have established a relationship with a water ice vendor in Flourtown to provide homemade, hand dipped water ice!


Drinks will include the usual soft drinks, in addition to lemonade, sparkling flavoredwater, Gatorade, and fresh brewed coffee (we don’t have an ice maker, unfortunately, but it's on our wish list if anyone has an extra lying around!). In addition, we’re going to experiment with some healthier eating options to see if they sell – salads, granola bars, and some assorted fresh fruits.



On Select Weekends...

On select weekends, we’ll fire up the grill to serve hamburgers and chicken. And just as we did late last summer, we’ll also offer occasional weeknight dinners at the pool. We’ll advertise these in advance, and we’ll keep the price point very reasonable.

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